SURFING PERSIA Tour Operator is a subset of “Safarhaye Bartare Donya Company, established in 2000, in Shiraz, Iran.


SURFING PERSIA Team with 17 years of glorious experience in managing tours and cooperating with the leading Travel Agencies all over the world, offers the best services with reasonable prices. SURFING PERSIA is ready to provide its customers a memorable visit to Iran.


SURFING PERSIA Team with a highly educated and experienced staff is ready to provide you the most high quality services. Our professional staff is expert in planning and executing all types of Iran Tours, in a well-organized and efficient way. SURFING PERSIA Team is committed to moral and ethical norms in its business transactions with its clients and considers them as its beloved and respectful guests. We are truly committed to our clients’ satisfaction more than anything, even financial concerns. We are Persian. We are well known for our hospitality and geniality.

Our Mission:

Our foremost mission and vision, is to make a wonderful experience for our customers. Besides helping them in getting to know the sweet and lovely customs of Iranian people, visiting glorious historical sites of Iran and touching the glory of Persia, its ancient civilization, precious heritage and wonderful nature of Iran. Of course, our customers’ satisfaction and safety is our first priority.

We are determined to show the real picture of Iran, the nature of peace lover Iranians,   mixed with cultural and religious customs, especially bearing in mind the unrealistic propagandas broadcasted via world media.

We do our best to schedule each Iran Tour according to its members’ personal priorities and favorites.

Nothing is more pleasant than seeing our clients’ satisfaction while the trip ends. Their smile, gives us required hope to leads us toward reaching our goals more energetically.

What Do We Offer?

SURFING PERSIA Team is honored to arrange various Iran Tours such as Cultural and Historical Tours, Nature Tours, Nomadic Tours, Adventurous Tours.    

Our packages also could be customized for private individual tours and also private group tours from the budget to the VIP clients.

We provide travelers diverse services, mostly in the form of varied Iran Tour packages which includes (visa, accommodation, private driver, professional tour guide, transportation, insurance, etc.). SURFING PERSIA provides Iran Tours by modern and comfortable vehicles, depending on the number and destination of each tour. Since all nationalities are reverend, we provide professional tour guides in the most languages as we can mention English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

We schedule everything for you; you just need to enjoy it!

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SURFING PERSIA is a subset of Safarhaye Bartare Donya (SBD) Company, a private tour operator of Iran, located in Shiraz. With 17 years of experience, we are honored to manage the best tours based on your budget, preferences and interests. You can choose from our tour packages or ask for your ideal tailor-made tour. We will handle everything. You just need to enjoy it!

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