Many American tourists ask us whether they can travel to Iran or not? Iran’s image from abroad, in particular America is quite different to what is really felt in Iran. Iran is very safe and in complete peace. Many tourists are surprised to find Iran in such tranquility. Tourist are highly respected and taken care of in Iran. Many tourists are also surprised with the number of people who can speak vary good English in Iran.

Iranian people are genuinely friendly and welcome different nationalities and Americans as well as interested to know about them and their country.

After 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran and the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq, we do not have America Embassy in Iran and they do not have our embassy. However, there are many Iranians who have immigrated to America for different purposes such as business, education, etc. As reported by the Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Masoud Soltanifar “the number of American tourists visited Iran in 2016 has more than doubled compared to 2014 and 2015, despite new visa restrictions the US administration plans to impose on travelers”.


Iran Regulations for Americans

  • According to Iran’s regulations, American nationality must join a guided tour package in order to be able to apply for Iran visa. All the service related to their trip including accommodation, transportation, tour guide, and itinerary, etc.

Surfing Persia Tour Operator in Shiraz, Iran, welcomes tourists with different nationalities in particular Americans to Iran. It gives them the opportunity to visit Iran and have a memorable trip by providing different packages such as Iran Eye-Catching, Masterpieces, Wonders, Nomads, Dessert, Kish Island and Shiraz tours. The services such as Iran visa, Iran insurance, tour guide, accommodation, private car and driver, are included in the packages.

  • Iran travel agencies must arrange their tours and apply for their visa. The process of visa for this nationality takes 30-45 days (more or less). We also need a short CV or resume of the American applicants for applying their Iran visa. Surfing Persia Tour Operator assures you about handling their Iran visa.




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