Do not miss Eil Guli (formerly Shah Guli) in Tabriz
El Goli is a fabulous recreational place with pleasant hillside garden and grand lake (located in Tabriz, north east of Iran).
It’s early history is not exactly clear, however it’s most widely believe that original purpose was a water resource For agricultural constructed in Karakoyunlu period and reconstructed in Safavid period before using as a summer palace in Qajar dynasty (when Tabriz was official president of king of Iran).

It contains a building surrounded with an artificial lake with 12 meters deep.
Nowadays the middle palace become a restaurant and also you can find all kinds of restaurants and cafes beside the park, it gives you the opportunity to meet locals and breath fresh air and enjoy local foods and green atmosphere around, you can walk around or also take a boat to circle you around the park or even you can stay in tents inside the park and enjoy “cold” breeze of summer nights.
Come and visit this place which is full of different worlds and make your excursion memorable.


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