Today most travellers to IRAN consider to visit beautiful Eram Garden. This popular garden is well known for its Eye full flowers, refreshing air, aromatic myrtles, and towering cypress trees especially during spring and summer. Also ups and downs of the earth have increased the beauty of the garden.

Eram Garden is famous all over the world, as a major tourist destination every season attracts many tourists

Although the date of Eram garden’s construction is not known, historical evidences indicate the garden was built during the Seljuk Dynasty.

After Safavieh Dynasty Eram Garden is described as a splendid and magnificent garden in writings remained by European tourists. The imagination of flowing waterfalls everywhere and singing birds can inspire the spirits.

In the past this garden was surrounded by stony virgin land and river but after development of urbanization, along the time is located in the city and now is converted to Nice Eram Botanical Garden.

Trees and greens are various in this Irani Garden. Mostly are none fruitful and the most popular are cypresses that are symbol of Shiraz. Shiraz is famous with Naaz Cypresses that the tallest one is 35 meters.

Today the royal mansion is the main feature of Eram Garden is consisting of a remarkable hall with two strong pillars. The impressive construction was constructed by a local Shirazi architect, named Mohammad Hassan. This beautiful building has 3 floors with 32 rooms. The walls and floors are adorned with colorful tiles. The poems from Hafiz-e Shirazi is obvious beautifully on the walls.

The central hall was considered as a place to rest in summer time. The basement has a pool to create a cool place to rest in summer time. A water stream was passing beneath the hall directly before leading to a big pond, on its way filling a pooling.

Above the mansion there are 5 semilunar decorated with colored glazed tiles, showing Naser-al Din Shah, the stories of Ferdowsi, Nezami, the ancient Persian Literature and religious tales.

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Surfing Persia Team wish you to enjoy the good atmosphere of the garden.



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