Fin garden located in Kashan, Iran. In the central Iranian province of Isfahan. It is near the village of Fin and made by Shah Abbas. Today, the Fin Garden is one of the nine gardens that form the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the ‘Persian Garden’.

Fin garden is believed to have been created during the early part of the Safavid Dynasty, around the first half of the 16th century. Fin Garden is the oldest. Some historical resources mention that this magnificent garden dates to Alebooye periods, but the dreadful earth quake happened in 982A.D and caused the garden Buildings to be ruined completely, then in 1000 A.D. it was reconstructed by Ghiyasodin Jamshide Kashani and by the order of Shah Abbas II. Extant garden in the country.

The Fin Garden was badly ruined after the Afghan attack. However it was soon restored by Aqa Seiim Arani, the governor of Kashan during the rule of Karim Khan Zand.

Fin garden is a relic from the Safavid period, and has remained such for centuries due to the capacity of water it gains from the Soleimaniyeh spring.

Fin garden flows with crystal-clear warm water channelled from a natural spring through a series of turquoise-tiled pools and fountains and continuing along the main road in canals.

The structures of Fin garden are the entrance and its facade, tower and ramparts, the Safavid and Fathali Shah sections, chambers for the elite, the museum on the western side of the premises, the large and small bath and the library in the eastern sector of this garden.

The covered construction housing the Shah Abbasi section is in two floors, this being in the center of the garden and opposite the grand facade. The construction of the same was completed in the year 1226 AH. Here, there are beautiful paintings and an inscription worked with plaster in the ‘nastaliq’ script. In the vicinity of this garden, several monarchs such as Shah Safi, Shah Soleiman, Shah Tahmasb, Shah Abbas, Karim Khan Zand and Fath Ali Shah have all contributed in the repair or making addition to the structures on the premises. However, these structures witnessed plunder in the early period of the constitutional revolution.

Fin garden contain fin bath in it where Qajarid chancellor was killed by an assassin sent by king naserreddin shah.

Don’t leave the garden without pausing at the Fin Garden teahouse, which is set within its own enchanted little garden. Located near the source of the spring, the current is thick with warm-water-loving fish and shaded with aged trees.


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