Golestan Palace with almost 442 years history is one of the outstanding buildings and the earliest modern building in Iran. It is considered as a complex which includes the beautiful historical buildings such as Talar-e Ayeneh (Mirror Hall Museum), Ivan-e Takht-e Marmar Audience Hall, Howze Khaneh (Pool Room), Shams-Al Emarat (the Edifice of the Sun), Emarat-e Badgir, (the Edifice of the Windrowers) and Talar-e Almas (Diamond Hall).

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The history of the Palace dates back to the time of Safavid Shah Abbas I (988 AD) and it is mentioned in the travel account of Pietro Della Valle “in 1028 AD, Tehran was a city that the royal palace was surrounded by garden”. The palace was fundamentally changed during Zand Dynasty but the real importance of the palace can be attributed to Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar era.


During the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar due to his coronation in the city (24 Rabi al-Awal 1212 AH / 1797 AD on the eve of the 19th in the time of Napoleon), Golestan Palace experienced more development and better symmetry.

During the time of Qajar Naser al-Din Shah, Golestan Palace was undergoing radical changes affected Europe style because he was as the first king who visited Europe in three years, 1290, 1295 and 1306 AH as well as his reign for almost 49 years.


After the extinction of the Qajar dynasties, the imperial citadel witnessed the arrival of the coronation of Pahlavi Reza Shah in 1305 AD and the second Pahlavi in 1346 AD as well as certain changes in its construction.


Now the Golestan Palace with an area of 5.4 hectares (one-tenth the original size) in the strange part of the city of Tehran as a member of the municipal organs is disrupted and it is surrounded with new construction and performance of heterogeneous with its identity. However, it is at this age is not only an important part of the art history but also by the events of Super Effective happened in it or somehow related to a set of unique and document the viability of the most important part of the history of Iran has become. During Islamic Republic of Iran, Golestan Palace has been the most fantastic place and museum for its Iranian and foreign visitors.




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