Let us give you some information about the way that Iranian dressed. Accordingly, following information can help you to pick up your outfits easier when you want to travel to Iran.
Iran is a Muslim country and Hijab or Islamic dress code is obligatory. In addition, all people and also tourists and foreigners must obey this Islamic rule.

Women dress code in Iran and Some Guidelines

All women must wear Islamic Hijab according to Iranian law, but it doesn’t have specific form. It’s enough to dress like other Iranian women.
Chador known as a complete hijab in Iran. It’s a large piece of cloth that open down the front, cover all your body and hiding your curves. It wear by some Iranian women and not mandatory for all. Chador is compulsory just for visiting mosques and holy shrine. You can rent or even buy it at an affordable price.
It’s in a lot of shapes and colors. It can be worn over T-shirts or jumpers. All manteaus are worn over trousers.
Scarf and shawl
Indeed, women should cover all their hair but it doesn’t be observed. They don’t hang up their scarf tight. All you need to cover your hair is a simple scarf or shawl.
Pants and Skirt
These should hide your feet till your ankles.
Don’t worry; it’s completely acceptable in Iranian dress code. You can wear sandal or shoes with or without socks.
Make-up and painted nails
Most women in Iran wear heavy make-up especially in big cities. They find it weird. Despite of whatever heard, you will discover that polished nails are fine even in shiny colors.

Women’s Indoor and Outdoor dress code Are Different
They can wear everything they want such as T-shirts, slacks, denims jeans, etc. when they are in their houses, but they can’t do it in public.
Men dress code in Iran
Men are not allowed to wear shorts, tank top and whatever showing complete arms or legs .
So you can wear whatever you want except these things. Long sleeves shirt with pants are norm and you will see this style more.
Male business visitors in Iran
A suit is a formal and acceptable dress on businesses and other formal occasions.
The role of Color in Iranian dress code
There is no restriction for color in Iran. Pay attention don’t wear colorful dress specially red or pink in month of Muharram because people mourning for Imam Hussein. You can dress in what color you want in other months and be sure there is no problem. The most prevalent colors in Iran are black, white, brown, dark blue, gray.

Pay attention 1: You must follow this dress code in Iranian flights when the plane enters the Iranian boundaries.
Pay attention 2 : Iranian girls should follow Islamic dress code over the age of 9 or 12 .


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