Lut Desert (Dasht-e Lut in Persian language) is one of the largest world salt deserts and listed in the sites of UNESCO World Heritage. It is situated in the south-east of Iran country between Kerman to Sistan and Baluchistan Provinces. Joining Iran Ancient Tour in 13 days offered by Surfing Persia Company in Shiraz, Iran, allows you to have unique experience that how people in Kerman adopt their lives to desert the tour, we drive from Shiraz towards Kerman and visit Mahan and Rayen counties near to Kerman city.

Geographically, Lut Desert is divided into Northern Lut, Central Lut and Southern Lut. The desert of Lut is an exhibition of the most wonderful natural features. The first is the largest rock city in the world that resembles a fictional town or Lut city. It also has the largest sand pyramids in the world in 480 height meters. Another attraction is forty Quaternary volcanic cones. The extensive sand and gravel zones is another feature of Lut desert with colors ranging from light brown to grey and black.  The plains of pitted basaltic lava (called Gandom Beryan) as another beauty of Dasht-e Lut. This region also has Shoor River that originates from the northwestern mountains of Birjand city and flows in the heart of the Lute Desert as the only permanent river.

Lut Desert is swept by strong winds which transport sediment and cause aeolian erosion on a colossal scale between the months of June and October. The site, therefore, includes the most spectacular examples of aeolian yardang landforms (massive corrugated ridges). It also contains dune fields and extensive stony deserts. The property shows an exceptional example of ongoing geological processes.


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