The Mesr Desert is one of the most spectacular deserts in Iran that attracts many tourists. This desert has good facilities, including Aphrodite, a four-wheel motorcycle and a camel driving, which give you a different experience. Having decent native accommodation makes it comfortable to stay in this desert.

The Mesr Desert is located next to a village of the same name .Here we see the lively and hospitable people who live in the middle of the sandy desert and live by farming and animal husbandry, and in recent years they have been living with accommodation and services to travelers. The water for the villagers is provided by a canal. Mesr is the name of a small village located 55 km from the khoor city, located in the province of Isfahan, and has 180 inhabitants.The reputation of the Mesr desert has changed the lives of the villagers; they were already lived by farming and livestock, and they were raising camels saffron and wheat, but now they give services to tourists and visitors. Put on your shoes and let your feet feel the heat of the sands.The Mesr countryside, along with its desert, is in the southern part of the great desert of Iran, and it has a warm and dry climate. In warm seasons, the weather is very hot, and in cooler seasons it is cool. The days in Mesr desert is hot, but at night is cold. The best time to travel to the Mesr desert is from early fall to mid-winter.


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