Naqsh-e jahan square is one of the most largest squares in iran and an outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture which its name was chosen from a city in Azerbaijan that after the revolution, its name  changed to imam square.
This rectangular-liked square is placed at the center of Isfahan city, iran.

it was built by safavid shah abbas 1 in the early 17th century (between year 1598 and 1629) which in shah abbas era it was a place of the polo game. This square was the center of political and religious gatherings and also around naqsh-e jahan square are about 200 chambers.
Naqsh-e jahan square was one of the first Iranian heritage which have been registered as world heritage of of unesco in april 1979 and it was a place of some celebrations such as nowruz. One of the ceremonial jobs in naqsh-e jahan square was carriage riding for transportation which still is.
Naqsh-e jahan square was built instead of a small square which was left from timurid era.
It is surrounded by the most famous and great places such as sheikh lotf allah mosque, ali qapu palace and keisariyeh gate that opens into the Isfahan grand bazaar. From some views, the old bazaar of Isfahan around this square is one of the important parts of production and presentation of irans craft.

The imperial bazaar:

The bazaar of Isfahan is a historical market and one of the oldest and largest bazaars of the middle east. Altough the present structure dates back to the safavid era, parts of it are more than a thousand years old but some parts were ruined which Mohammad Reza and Ali Akbar Isfahani repaired it.
The imperial bazaar dates back to the seljug dynasty and it is a valuated, two kilometers street linking the old city whith the new.
The beautiful bazaar of naqsh-e jahan square has been collected many craft, memorial and souvenirs of different part of the country in itself and this is one of the reasons of popularity of this square inside and outside tourists.

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