Qamsar, one of the cities of Kashan in Isfahan Province, is famed to its Rose water. Rose Water is fragrant water made of Rose flowers. Mohammadi Rose (Damask Rose) flower is the most famous Rose flower in the world. Rose water extraction has a long history.

The annual festivals of Rose water are being held since 2500 years ago in spring season in different cities of Iran such as Qamsar and Niyasar in Kashan, Meymand in Shiraz and Laleh Zar in Kerman. The date is varied every year and depends on when the weather is getting warm and the Rose flowers become florescent to be picked up but we expect it at the end of April or at the beginning of May for one month based on our years’ experiences.

The scent of Rose flower spreads over that district which can attract many tourists traveling to Qamsar from different parts of Iran and world. One of Iran Tours is Rose Water Festival. Surfing Persia present services and taking travellers to Kashan to visit Qamsar city and different steps of the Rose water extraction. These particular Tours have an indelible memorial. This Tour can be extended to the other cities of Iran based on your request as well. Travelers can have a positive impact on the area’s festivals. The reputation of Rose water is so that Qamsar has lots of exports of this substance and uses it for commercial purposes. France and Bulgaria are among importing countries of Rose water from Qamsar.

The colorful and sweat-smelling festival includes flower-picking by women and men in the early morning in the gardens and you can meet groups of people with medieval clothing and carrying out various activities like drinking or handcrafting. These traditional festivals provide an opportunity for tourists to participate in Rose water production.

Rose water has so many benefits for health. This pink Persian Rose is used to treat different diseases like chronic diarrhea, rheumatic pains, sore throat, insomnia, palpitation, heart disease, headache, and blood abnormalities. It is also useful for skin and hair care on account of possessing Vitamin A and C. Therefore, it has much consumption in cosmetics materials. This magic product also has a declining effect on depression.

Rose water or Golab is applied also for cooking a lot of things including various cakes, desserts like different types of halva, delicious sweets, and ice creams. Actually, this usefulness is due to its good smell and unique flavor. Ka’abe (Mecca), the most holy place located in Saudi Arabia, is washed with Rose water of Qamsar. In addition to, Khadems (servants in Shrines such as Shah-e-Cheraq Shrine in Shiraz or Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad) apply the Rose water as a perfume inside the sacred Shrines’ building and around the Haram to create a sweet-smelling and pleasant space.

You can supply a bottle of Rose water in pharmacies or supermarkets and pay for it. The cost of it is not high. Rose waters have different qualities in Iran but Qamsar’s Rose water has the best quality in the world. Needless to say, the quality depends on the freshness of the Rose flowers. Although Qamsar has a desert climate, there are beautiful Rose gardens in this city. The natural conditions of this city caused it is attributed as the main center to produce the high quality of Rose water. The gardens including lots of trees and songbirds and scented Rose flowers created an incredible milieu.

The Rose water extraction is done in two ways; industrial and handmade. It is provided at homes, gardens, and in special workshops. There is also an industrial park in Qamsar to produce Rose water. The instruction of making this nature-made product is explained in the following. First of all, what you need is a copper pot , a big clay pot, a water pool, an oven, a copper pitcher, four aluminum pipes to transport or four wooden canes, 30 kg Rose petals, 80 liters water, and several bottles.

The first phase is flower-picking. After that, the copper pot is put on the oven made from brick and stones. Then the Rose petals are poured into the pot and about 80 liters water is added. Then to control of the steaminess pressure in the pot, a cover is put on the copper pot with a heavy weight on it. The cover should be tight with screws and levers to head off steaminess loss. The pipes or canes are set in the proper place with one end into the pot and another end into the pitcher.

After boiling the Rose petals with water for 10 minutes, the vapor continues toward the pitcher by pipes to be liquidated in the environment with low temperature. It takes four hours to be obtained a pitcher full of the Rose water. In the last step, the Rose water is poured into the bottles to cool down. Now, your Rose water is ready. Care about boiling the Rose water, because falling any object or pouring water in the pot can ruin the Rose water.


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