There are many traditional bazaars in Iran. Vakil Bazaar is one of them which has a rich history of more than 2000 years and it is located in the center of Shiraz, Iran. During the Zandyeh dynasty (AD 1747–79), Shiraz was the capital and so many beautiful mosques and buildings were built and renovated.

It was built in 11th Century by Karim Khan as part of a plan to make Shiraz into an eminent trading center. Nowadays, it’s not only a traditional place but also a place where local people do their shopping.

Atmosphere, beauty, tradition, history record, and souvenirs has made Vakil Bazaar one of the most popular spots in Shiraz.

Today, it’s the home of almost 200 stores which are selling carpets, handicrafts, spices and clothes and it is one of the most atmospheric bazaars in Iran, especially in the early evening when it is fantastically photogenic.

Vakil Bazaar’s attractions are not limited to shopping, there are also numerous cafes, a bath house, and several restaurant’s that you can visit. There are more than 200 stores in the Bazaar, selling everything from handicrafts to hand-woven Persian carpets and antiques. Just wander around and enjoy the colorful environment without thinking about the time or direction. There are many beautiful attractions from the picturesque courtyards and caravansaries to ancient bath houses. If you are a photographer it is a very appropriate place to take nice pics.


The halls are filled with the smell of spice which lingers throughout the Vakil Bazaar. It is an amazing sensory experience.

Its vaulted brick structures have been built such a way to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.

Like other Middle Eastern Bazaars there are a few numbers of mosques and Imamzadehs constructed adjacent or behind the Vakil Bazaar. This place is really beautiful Old aromatic and gives you a sense of life and people here are kind and have a sense of hospitality.


Don’t Miss Saray-e Moshir!

Sayray-e Moshir is a must see situated at the end of the Vakil Bazaar. It has a very good view with many kinds of souvenirs available. It is also a perfect place to take a rest and have some Faloodeh Shirazi, a sweet cold dessert served with lime juice and sour cherry syrup. You can find very good souvenirs from Iran’s history, art, and handicrafts and so on. Nice jewelries is also available.



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