Iran is safe. Whether you are traveling alone or with group,whether you are a woman or a man, arrive on a day or night, Iran is a very safe country. Many women travel alone in this country, and this is a sign of security. Many publications announce Iran as a destination for tourism in 2014. Iran is a hospitable country.

This is not because well come is the most common English word among the Persians, but because of this I say hospitality is an inseparable characteristic of their culture. If you imagine that this degree of hospitality was exclusively specific to foreigners, you might not have seen the compliments of the Iranians with each other. Culture of Iran is rich, without need for additional introduction and explanation, Persepolis is the most famous historical site of Iranians. Surely this is not their only famous site. Ancient Persia to modern Iran, from Achaemenian to Sassanie, from the Safavie dynasty to the Qajar dynasty, and eventually to the Pahlavi era and the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s history has been a stormy. By traveling in this country, you can get familiar with these sycles and get information from the Iranian past. The Iranian architecture whether is a mosque, palace or a market, is very beautiful. The colors are very beautiful and alive and attract the viewer. Each province, city and even the village has its own special handicrafts. From wherever you go to Iran, you will have the best gifts for your close friends and your family when you return. Travel to Iran is cheap. The cost of using public transportation in this country is effortlessly reaching 10 euros. You spend a royal trip at a low cost. You can even leave a money for sudden purchases. In addition to all of these, Iranians are very proud of their culture and customs. Contrary to popular belief, space in Iran is very calm. Iranians are very friendly, they are always ready to talk, and most importantly, they never get upset about being the subject of your photo.


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