Ahvaz is a vast and industrial city located in the southwest of Iran and near to Iraq border. It was bombarded by Iraq during holy dependence 8 years. In the summer, the temperature reaches to more than 50o C. This city has a well-served airport. Its distance of Tehran is 847km. The discovery of oil in Ahvaz brought prosperity in 20th century. There is Ahvaz big famous bridge in this city crossing on Karun River.

Weather and Language 

Ahvaz people speak original Persian but since there are different tribes in the city like Arab, Lurs, Jews, and Armenians so, there are varied dialects. Many people in this city are Arab speaking community. The weather is extremely hot in Ahvaz in summer especially in July and August. Ahvaz is accounted as a polluted city in the world.



 The ancient city of Shush was located in the north of Ahvaz on Khomeini Blvd. It was invaded by Iran-Iraq war. There is Prophet Danial Shrine damaged by Iraq war in this city. Inside of the Shrine includes mirrored walls and a dome with Qajariye style. The west entrance was adorned with cuneiform inscriptions.

Walking through the main entry ramp, you enter the Palace of Darius. The former room form is charted by a maze of mud-brick of wall. There are animal shapes at the top of several pillars with great stones. It can be seen two capitals on the tiled porch.

Royal Gate was extended to the horizon in the east. Laid back tower amid mud-brick channels, pottery pieces and thorn groves with darting desert foxes can be more rational. At the top of caves, you may find a watchtower in the west.

Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat

Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat (basket mounds) is one of Iran’s UNESCO World Heritages located in ancient Elam. It was registered in the National list of the monuments on January 1970. This site is the remains of ruins by Ashurbanipal invasion. It has an Elamite architectural style. This archeological site represents the traditional culture.  The magnificent brick ziggurat made it as an impressive monument. The ziggurat structures seem to be more attractive at night than daytime because of unclear lights.

3* Hotel

  • Persia Hotel
  • Naderi Hotel
  • Oxin Hotel
  • Mehr Asl (Iranika) Hotel Apartment

4 * Hotel

  • Pars Hotel
  • Neishekar Hotel


Visit Shush and Choqa Zanbil ziggurat

Try date, Halva, traditional Koloocheh, Seafood, Qalyeh (seafood stew)

Visit Karoon River at night


  • Halva
  • Traditional Koloocheh (cookie)
  • Date
  • Seafood
  • Qalyeh (seafood stew)


  • Gelim (rug)
  • Gabbeh (rug)
  • Jajim (rug)

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