Kashan is a city between Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd in the west side of Iran dated from 12th century. This pleasantly site is on the edge of Kavir Plain. There are a bundle of houses with Iranian architectural style and Islamic design dated from 19th century. Furthermore, Kashan high quality ceramics is famous. Beautiful merchant houses, bathrooms, and mosques are among the most prominent places to visit. You can find also pieces of poetry, textiles and tiled surfaces in this city. There are many things in this city as souvenirs include textiles, rose water, and carpets. In spring, especially April, you can have a journey to this city to enjoy scented blossom.

Weather and language

This site has a desert climate due to its situation with almost no rainfall during the year. But visiting a desert site to enjoy the night can be striking. The language of the people is  official Persian with a little Kashani dialect.


Fin Garden

This charming Garden was listed among the World Heritage Sites. The complex are located at the Amir Kabir St. in the Fin village.

 It was built for Shah Abbas I and restored in the later years by Karim Khan Zand of Shiraz. The garden is considered as the embodiment of the impressive Persian garden. The interior includes flowing water channels with a pavilion, dated from Qajar era, at the top of it. You can see also 500 years old Cedar trees inside the garden as well as orange trees with fragrant blooms in April. A two-storey pool house is accessible at the center of garden.

There is a small bathroom (hamam) on the left, the place of Amir Kabir (Iranian prime minister from 1848 to 1851) assassination. Mirza Taqi Khan, known as Amir Kabir, did many activities for modernization of education and administration. Shah planned to kill him in bathhouse by persuading him and after visiting the bathroom; he was imprisoned in Fin garden and then murdered

There is also a small museum called Kashani National Museum on the opposite side of the garden. The finding s in the museum contains exhibits of textiles, ceramics and scripts.

Tabatabaee House

Tabatabaee House was built around 1880 and was erected in 1880s and delicate stones and stucco and mirrored walls were rebuilt. This place composed of three parts; an internal area with family members, the external area for guests to have funny times, and servant’s quarters. These three parts are situated around four courtyards. In a sunny day, the rooms designed to mirrored walls have a fascinating view because of sunlight brilliant color.


Abyaneh is a 1500 years old ancient village located at the foot of Mt Karkas. A beautiful valley is in the eastward of the village. The structure of the village is in a way that receives the maximum light of the sun to prevent winter roughly hurricanes. In winter, the weather is freezing cold but in summer, it has a pleasant cool climate. This site has sprained alleys with muddy houses with lattice windows and wooden porch. Abyaneh elderly residents speak Middle Persian, an Old Persian language.

Many travelers from Tehran and also foreigner tourists come to this village and buy dried apples from old women. Yahya Mausoleum with its blue tiles building is in this site for pilgrimage.

3* Hotels

  • Negin Historical House
  • manouchehri house kashan 
  • Negarestan Hotel
  • Irani Historical House
  • Amir Kabir
  • Niyasar Sabz Hotel

4* Hotels

  • Mahinestan Raheb Hotel
  • Morshedi Traditional Hose Hotel

5* Hotels

  • Saraye ameriha boutique hotel 

Visit Fin Garden, Tabatabaee House and Abyaneh Village

Try Chelo Fesenjan, Gusht lubia and shevid polo

Buy rose water which is used for different treatments

Kashan Foods:

  • Chelo Fesenjan
  • Gusht Lubia (meat and bean)
  • Polo shevid (rice with vegetables)

Kashan Souvenirs:

  • Ceramics
  • Rose water
  • Carpet

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