Kerman, the capital of Kerman province, is considered to be one of the five historical cities of Iran. This city is located in the heart of the desert, on the southeast of Iran. Kerman has been the link between Persia and the subcontinent of India for a long history in the past.

Its neighbors are Khorasan is located on the north; Fars and Yazd are western and northwestern neighbors, respectively. The southern province of Kerman is Hormozgan and Sistan va Balouchestan is the eastern friend. Kerman has an expansive historical and cultural background. Being the capital of Iran for several times during different dynasties and has witnessed peace and war, invasions of various nations and construction as well as destruction paradoxes in history.

Plenty of different attractions are available to visit in Kerman. You may enjoy the experience of historical and cultural sites or natural places and beauties of the pure desert.

Weather and Language

Kerman Province has various climate changes from spring to winter. In winter, the weather is very cold and dry and in summer, the weather is very hot. People in Kerman city like other cities of Iran speak modern Farsi with Kermani dialect.


Ganjali khan complex

The Safavid era complex of Ganjali khan is composed of a mosque, a school, a bath house, a square and a bazaar, like other constructions of the mentioned era. This complex was built by the governor of Kerman named Ganjali khan during the emperor of Safavid Shah Abbas. This bazaar is located in the southern area of Ganjali khan square. On the right side there exist about 180 shops and on the left side there are several beautifully designed arches. Venders are usually busy selling their goods, under these arches. This bazaar is one the oldest trending centers of Iran.

The bath of this complex, which is an anthropology museum today, is a collection of art and architecture. This bath has two main parts of which are hot-chambers and dressing room. The dressing room has 6 chambers which are divided for the different social classes of clergies, gradness, seyyeds, merchants, tribal chiefs, and rustics. This bath is decorated with beautiful paintings and tile works.

Lut Desert

Lut Desert is a salt desert made up of sand and mud, located in the north-east region of Kerman. This location is considered as the hottest temperature on earth. The temperature level is reported to reach the degree of 65 C. So, it is no wonder that you can find no plant life water in the area. This desert is also called Gandom Beryani which means Roasted Grain.

If you are planning to stay in Kerman province during your travel to Iran, remember that it is not only the cultural and historical attractions open to visit, but there are also natural sites and amusing things to do over there.

You may feel totally surprised to hear that thermal and mineral springs are another aspect of the natural attractions of Kerman besides the desert. Natural attractions include thermal and mineral springs, recreational areas, verdant spaces, altitudes and peaks, lakes, pools, protected areas and the special desert features for adventure seekers.

Rayen Citadel

Rayen Citadel is a beautiful castle situated in the town of Rayen (111km from Kerman) on the Hezar Mountains, the highest mountain in Kerman province. Rayen is a small town in the city of Kerman with a mild weather. It’s not clear that in what year this citadel was built but it may date back about 1000 years ago. It was rebuilt in 1996.

Shazdeh Garden (Persian Garden) 

Shazdeh Garden, a place located in Mahan town, is a small town in Kerman. It was built in 1873. When you walk in this garden, you can enjoy a perspective which is like a planet with tall green trees and flowing water. There is a small palace in this good-looking Garden dated back to the time of Qajar. There are also a teahouse and a restaurant on the left end of this garden.


Visit Rayen Citadel (Rayen), Ganjali Khan Complex, Fathabad Garden, Jabaliye Dome, Shazdeh (Prince) Garden (Mahan), Shah Nematollah Mausoleum (Mahan), Bam Citadel (mostly destroyed in Bam), Harandi Museum, Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum

Camel riding or Safari in Shahdad (Kalouts) in Lut Desert

Kerman Local foods:

  • Pistachio Halva
  • Kolompe (a kind of cookies)
  • Bereshtou (fried sweets with sugar flour)

Kerman Souvenirs:

  • Pistachios
  • Cumin seeds
  • Caraway plant (for medical treatment)
  • Pateh (a designed scarf for women)
  • Carpet
  • Knife
  • Mats made of palm fronds

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