Kish Island is well known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf. This Island is the most significant island of Iran that attracts more than one million tourists from all around the world in a year.  

In glorious history, Kish was famous as Gheys. This island was under the authority of Iran from Achaemenid and then from Parthian and Sassanid. In 11th century Kish turned to the most important center of business in Persian Gulf, So that Sa’adi the famous Iranian poet has mentioned his travels to this island for two times in his poets.

Portuguese conquered the island in 1533 and then in 1652 the greatest shah of the Safavid, Abbas could regain the dominance of Persian Gulf, Bahrain and all islands, since that time Kish is known among islands of Iran.   

Until the early years of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi government in 19th century, Kish was the center of Fish catching and Pearl Trade in Persian Gulf. He developed the island by the government budget. By order of the ruler all modern infrastructure including Hotel, International Exhibition, airport, Casino and also a residence for accommodation of shah and his family constructed in Kish.

In 1970 a group of American and Iranian consultant visited Kish and selected the island as an International Tourist Center according to the natural features, Beautiful coral beaches and crystal clear water.

This island was used as residence and place of recreation for the royal family until the Iranian Revolution.

Kish was selected as the first free Economic zone of the country in 1982. Today the economics of the island is based on Tourism and business. Also another tourism attraction of this island would be the biggest malls and shopping centers, due to economic situation of the area.   

Many travelers choose Kish to spend their holidays since the attractions are not limited to the category of natural or historical sites. The culture of local people also will inspire every one’s soul.

Most of resident of Kish believed in Sunni religion. These people have a special style for constructing mosques in comparison with Shia. So the differences of religious architectures are obvious in Kish and all mosques are built in a very different style.

The local instrument of the island is Tabl. The people use it for special ceremonies and in weddings or even when they are sea fishing.

Traditional jobs of most residents are fishing, livestock, sailing, shipbuilding and trading. And in the past also pearl haunting was another job for the people. Local dishes mostly prepare with different kinds of fish.  

Local people are originally Dravidian, Nordic, Sami and black races common language is Farsi and Arabic.

Highlighted sites in Kish are Harireh, Payab and Kariz. This island is the only one in Persian Gulf which has a fresh water aqueduct.

The landscape of Strait of Hormuz is spectacular. So International Tourism Organization has introduced Kish as the forth tourism destination in southwest of Asia.

There are equipped facilities to entertain such as bicycling, carting, bogie, diving, jetties, flied board, parasols and water skiing.

The interesting points about Kish are that there is no traffic light in streets and the biggest flag of Iran is set in.

Kish communicates with other parts of Iran and other countries by Marine and Air, either airport or port.  

To entry the island there is no need to obtain visa, and this advantage has made easy the traveling to Kish for all tourists.

Many foreigners studies in the Universities of Kish Island. These universities cooperate with some well-known universities such as Malaysian Multimedia University and Australian Monash University.

The main form of precipitation in the Island is rain and mostly occurs in the winter, sometimes with a high intensity. This island is the best place to get sunbathing.

The symbol of Kish Island is the Greek Sheep, which has the most visitors among the famous sites in this Island.  This admired ship sank in 1966.


Dolphin Park complex

The beautiful big dolphin park is so entertaining. The tour inside the park is so amusing, and first you will be guided to the bird garden, later circus and dolphin show. The dolphin show is entreating especially for the children, although adults will enjoy the acts of dolphins too.

Greek Ship

In 1960s local people saw a foreign ship grounded on the western coastline of the island near Baghou village for no reason. The steam ship is built by William Hamilton Company in Scotland in 1943, and while she was coming back to Greece it sank.
Greek Ship is one of the most amazing attractions in Kish Island especially when the sun is setting down. This rusty ship at azure waters of Persian Gulf is a spectacular scene for photography.

Kariz Underground City

Kariz city, a tourist attraction, is a subterranean site in Kish Island in south of Iran located 16meters under the ground. It belongs to 2500 years ago. Historical complex of Qanat was dominated by a series of passageways. You should buy a ticket to enter the city. The springs of the Qanat provides the water for Kish Island. You can reach the restaurants and shops of handicrafts if you visit this site. The roof of this city is made of shells and corals during million years.

Greek Ship

Dolphin Park

Kariz Underground

City Park

Highland Park

Marjan Park

Simorgh Beach Park


Men's Beach

Harire port

Grand Recreational Pier

Ladies Plage (Women's Beach)

Kish Museum

Visit Persian Gulf beaches, Dolphin Park Complex, Greek Ship and Kariz city

Try Persian Gulf Seafood

  • Seafood
  • Marjan (Coral) handicrafts
  • Sadaf (shell) jewels
  • Precious stones
  • Plaster pastel
  • Hableh (ceramic jug)

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