Qom is a religious city in Iran after holy Mashhad. It is located on the northwest of Iran. There is Fatima masumeh shrine in this city. This city has many rigid clerics especially after revolution. There has been made new apartments with awful designs than other cities in Iran. Many Shiite students across the world come to this conservative city to study in its schools. Many local travellers from Iran and also foreigners make a journey to visit Hazrat-e Masoomeh Shrine and for pilgrimage. People in Haram should have a religious and conservative clothing especially women must wear a Chador.

Weather and language

Qom generally has a semi-desert climate because its closeness to the desert area. In summer, it has a dry and warm weather and in winter, the weather is mild. People in Qom speak Persian with a little Qomi dialect.


Fatima Masumeh Shrine

Fatima Masumeh is the sister of Imam Reza buried in Qom. This Haram is accounted as a spiritual center in Iran. The shrine, dated from Safavid era, includes two domes, several courtyards, and tiled minarets. Shah Abbas established this place as a certification of Shism. Golden dome was built in Qajar era. Ayatollah of Qom decided to rebuild the complex and expand it to create some marketplaces. Non-Muslims should be gathered in a flake with a tour guide. Taking photo is not to be allowed.


Visit Fatima Masumeh Shrine

Try Local Ash, Waknut abgusht, Qomi koofteh, Shrin polo, Ash-e anar, Ashe-Omaj, Arabi helva and Sohan

Qom Foods:

  • Sohan sweet
  • Local Ash
  • Walnut Abgusht
  • Qomi Kofte
  • Shrin polo
  • Ash-e Anar
  • Ash-e Omaj

Qom Souvenirs:

  • Sohan
  • Cotton
  • Carpet

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