Rasht the center of Gilan Province; is one of the metropolises in Iran, located in the North of Iran and on the Western coast of Caspian Sea. The famous clock tower is known as the symbol of the city.  

Alborz Mountains are located in the South and Caspian Sea in the North. So this city receives abundant rainfall throughout the year even this city is famous as “The city of silver rains”.

The weather of the city is almost all time rainy and humid, a little hot in summer and cold in winter.

In the past time people were using clay covers for the roofs, for this reason this city is famous as City Roofs of Clay.

In addition people in the past had known Rasht as “The Gate of Europe”, since it was located on Silk Road. This city had prosperous transactions with Eastern Europe via Russia. So consequently the culture of people was affected by western culture during the time.

Also it is always referred as the gateway to the modern civilization, also brilliant background in the field of foreign exchanges is notable.

Rasht joined the network of creative cities of the world in 2015. Rasht is the only city in Iran which is registered in UNESCO in the field of food science.

This city is ranked first in the field of rice production, moreover known as the second private industrial city in Iran. Good to know that Rasht is leading in pharmacy industry. This city attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world in order to medical tourism, because of low prices of treatments.

On the other hand Rasht is the hometown of many famous people in the past and current time.

As you know Gilan is the land of various cultures and dialects, where the diversity of cultures can be seen more than everywhere in this country.

Rasht is the nearest big city to Bandar Anzali and Astara Border.  *Bandar Anzali is the biggest port in the North.

Considering the long history of the city, many monuments exist, one of the most important one is the Municipality Square and its building. Also historical houses are among the attractive sightseeing of the city.



Fuman is one of the counties of Gilan. There are date and plane trees in this site. Plaster cast statue is in this village. Fuman is famous because of its koloocheh (cookie). There are some bakeries for buying Fuman kolooche. Bazaar and Roodkhan Castle are among sightseeing in Fuman.

Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan castle, a worthy place to visit, is between Rasht and Tehran. It dates from Seljuks times. It is located at the top of a wooded mesa with Forest Mountains. The castle contains arches, towers, and white calcified walls. Walking along mossy rocks to be reached the castle to enjoy birdsong. You can find also a teahouse at Qaleh Daneh hamlet.


Manjil is a city in the north of Gilan. It is famous as the windy city in Iran and is one of the best locations for turbines installing, used to generate electricity by wind power. It is located in Alborz Mt to the Qazvin Plateau. Manjil is a site known on account of its olive garden in Iran. Therefore, it is one of the largest centers in production of Olive oil. The city also has the reputed Sefid Rood or Sepid Rood (River).


Roodbar is a county in Rasht. It is located on one of the fringes of a valley with flowing Sefid Rood River. The economy of Roodbar depends on olive oil and its exports.


Around the Talesh Mt, there is the county of Masal means Mountain-like. It is special place for Yeylaq. There are many natural and beautiful places in Masal. Masal has friendly and hospitalized people. The county is full of tourism attractions like waterfall, green wildlife and farms.


Masuleh, with high mountains and elaborate forests, is a small wonderful village located in Gilan Province. 30 minutes walking from Fuman is needed. Roodkhan is nearby this village.

Masuleh, a staircase environment, has a structure with special architectural style. What are interesting in this area are connected roof tops and that the roof of one house is the yard of another house. Every house has two sections; one section is without windows and another part has wooden windows. The first section is warm and special for winters and the second section is proper for summer. Many travelers are attracted by natural places in Masuleh. It dates back to the one thousand years ago. The weather is mild humid in spring and fall. Don’t miss visiting Masuleh in winter if you want to have a worthy journey.

The spectacular design of this traditional village is eye-catching. So, no vehicle can cross among houses. The houses buildings are constructed from clay, bole and rods. Masuleh people have a Taleshi dialect. Masuleh possesses with a Bazaar with busy stores. The shops sell Rasht’s souvenirs like gloves, footwear and dolls. Try local foods and sweats of Masuleh.

Municipality Complex

Sabzeh Meydan

Post Office Building of the Municipality Square

Mohtasham Garden

Rasht Bazaar

Museum of Rural Heritage

Former Iran Hotel Building


Birds Garden

Mirza Koochak Khan-e Jangali Tomb

Sardar-e Jangal Museum

National Library

Nobel Mansion

White Mosque

Mirza Koochak Khan-e Jangali House

Mirza Khalil House 

Ghadiri House

Abrishamchi House

Kasmai House

Samie House

Avansian House

Poor Abbas House

Seyed Ali Moghimi House

Founder of Sepah Bank House

Eynak Lagoon

Visit Rudkhan Castle in Fuman, Manjil, Roodbar, Masal, Masuleh.

Try Bagilah Qato, Mirza qasemi, Fish, Zeitun parvardeh, Torshe tareh tea with Fuman Koloocheh (cookie)

Mirza Ghassemi

Baghala ghatogh



mirza ghasemi

anar bij

Morghe torsh

Zeitun Parvardeh


 Mahi foij




Gol dar Chaman


Reshteh khoshkar

  • Rice
  • Wickerwork
  • Tea
  • Fuman Koloocheh (cookie)
  • Pottery
  • Woodturning
  • Kilim


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