Iran is best known as a country of four seasons.  While in Dizin you are able to ski, in the South you can enjoy swimming and watching dolphins in the sea. In the time blossoms are flourishing in other parts of this country and this is the mystery of this territory. Travel to Iran would be great in every season as every destination has the most special offers for you.

There are two kind of Iran visa for tourists. 

The first one is visa on arrival that can be issued for a limited period of time.  You can obtain it upon your arrival in the airport, but it takes a risk.

For peace of your mind we can apply for your visa beforehand. This kind of visa is issued for a longer stay in Iran.

For more information please refer to the attached IRAN VISA


Your valid passport (at least for 6 months), visa, invoice, vouchers and travel insurance which you have received by SURFING PERSIA.

Many travelers from all around the world have traveled to Iran along the history. With reading the history it would be clear that Iran has been safe and secure all over the time.

These days if you ask people who have traveled to Iran, will find out that Iran is the safest one in the Middle East and even in the world.

In any emergency cases you can call:

Police 110  

Ambulance 115

Fire emergency situation 125

Directory inquiries 118

Police 110 (also from mobile or cell you can dial 112)

These years many female travellers have traveled to Iran lonely. If you read their travelogue, you will find that they are completely satisfied with their experience and spending time with such a rich history and culture.

Yes, of course. Our mission is to meet every client’s demand. We do our best to provide you an outstanding itinerary based on your request and interests.

To arrange your plan please refer to Plan My Trip.

There are different types of accommodation in Iran, such as Budget, standard and luxury hotels.

If you are interested in experiencing the simple life, Qashqai Nomad Black Tent and traditional houses which recently have been transformed to the hotels, would be a perfect choice.  

You are free to choose and we are here to book whatever you prefer.

SURFING PERSIA suggests the travelers to travel with a private vehicle, since there are many worth seeing sites outside of cities but considering time, flights are wiser choice. However bus and trains are available.

There are some borders in Iran for foreigners to enter with their own car, as they make a long trip across different countries. But this decision requires a difficult process and has some strict regulations. So it would be easier to travel in Iran by a private driver and car which provide you.

We are going to inform you that it’s not possible to use ATMs with your Credit Card. But it’s possible to have a credit card of Iran Banks. This helps you to save your money in your account and do transactions with your Iran credit card.

The best way to carry the money would be cash, so make sure you have enough cash with you.

US dollars or Euros are the best currency, as all tourists do transactions by cash.

It is better to change your money just for your 2-3 day's requirement rather than changing a big amount of money.  If you plan to purchase expensive items such as carpets, may you find it possible to pay the money in USA $ or Euro €.

The currency of Iran is Iranian Rial, but most prices in this country are in

Toman. When you are shopping and wondering out you need to use Toman.

It would be good for you to know that 1 Toman is equivalent to 10 Rials. Frequently, people use Toman in their daily routines.

Due to changing frequently Iranian Rial, please contact a money exchange shop or check on internet for currency converters.

Food is one of the most exciting parts of travel for everyone. Tasting any new food would be like an adventure in your journey. There are many cultures In Iran, so we have numerous traditional foods. 

We have to mention that Pork and alcohol drinks are forbidden in Iran, but Chicken, beef or lamb, and a variety of sea foods can be finding in every restaurant.

In Iran people usually drink doogh (kind of yogurt drink) with almost foods.

In Iran different kinds of herbal tea are available to drink. Another tasty drink that can cheers you is called Sharbat which is a cool and sweet with a different taste.

Diversity of Iranian foods will amaze you! So we suggest you to taste traditional Persian dishes, drinks and desserts during your trip in every region you visit.

The major language in Iran is Farsi (Persian). However there are so many dialects and accents among different cultures and regions, such as: Azeri, Kurdish, Turkish, Lori, Turkmen, and Arabic.

Though English is considered as a foreign language in Iran, not a second language, but many Iranians, especially the youth can speak English fluently. So there is really no need to be worried about language. Besides, you can trust on our fluent, experienced and graduated guides that SURFING PERSIA provides you.

Proper dressing for women is a long pant and a coat named “manteau”. Also women should cover the hair by a headscarf.

For men Long pants and a t-shirt would be okay.

Internet is available in most hotels. There is Wi-Fi Internet available in some cafes and restaurants. Internet cafes in cities provide ADSL high speed internet with a very low price.

You may feel need to buy a SIM Card. The most appropriate SIM Card for tourists is Irancell which you can find it at the airports with a low price.

Also it enables you to use 3G and even 4G (available in some cities) internet connection.

Please consider that some websites and Social Medias are filtered in Iran, so you may need a VPN.  

For your information telephone cards are available with different credits.

Souvenirs of every trip help the travelers to remember the good memories of their trip. Due to the diversity of cultures in Iran, there are lots of varied and gorgeous souvenirs in this country.

Each region offers a great range of special souvenirs. Persian carpets, handcrafts, miniature paintings, inlay works known as Khatam, pottery and tribal rugs are the best and most popular souvenirs in Iran.

We should say that travel insurance is compulsory for all clients and it should be provided before your arrival in Iran.

There is no problem for your accommodation in Iran if you are not married.

As you know there are many cultural norms in every country and in Iran as well. One of the most special ones is Ta’arof.

For instance, whenever you want to pay for something, the cashier or the seller tells you “be my guest”! This is a sign of respect but in return you will show your respect by insisting on paying until they accept.

Also you will face this when your hosts insist to eat as much as you can while you are not willing to do. Since the Iranian like to offer their best to their guests they are insisting on everything, from entering a place to eating more.

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