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There are many different options for your accommodation during your trip in Iran.
SURFING PERSIA Team is specialized in identifying your interest, priorities and financial preferences and then offers you a suitable option. So you are free to choose among budget, standard and luxury hotels.
Moreover we have special offers for lovers of nature and rural areas. Black tents and local houses would be a very good choice to feel and touch the rich culture and customs.
Also, we provide you with this opportunity to stay at beautiful historical houses with admirable architecture which have been recently transformed to hotels. Staying in these traditional hotels gives you a tangible feel of closeness to the culture, history and life style of those people who had lived there many years ago.
As we mentioned earlier, we in SURFING PERSIA with more than 17 years of experience in tourism relying on our long brilliant background in tourism and employing our knowledge, experience and connections, we offer the best, suitable and memorable options with lowest prices in each case.
Just tell us what you prefer! Let us help you in making reservation. In the following we will provide you the voucher.

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SURFING PERSIA is a subset of Safarhaye Bartare Donya (SBD) Company, a private tour operator of Iran, located in Shiraz. With 17 years of experience, we are honored to manage the best tours based on your budget, preferences and interests. You can choose from our tour packages or ask for your ideal tailor-made tour. We will handle everything. You just need to enjoy it!

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