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What is Iran Travel Insurance?

Iran Travel Insurance is a short term insurance policy required for all passengers travelling to Iran, like most other countries, in order to cover and compensate potential risks, damages and imposed costs.

I have an insurance cover in my own country, is it still necessary to have Iran travel insurance too?

Yes, travel insurance generally is intended to cover unpredicted medical expenses, lost luggage and other losses incurred while traveling, so this is something totally different from a routine insurance cover and you pay a negligible amount of money to cover a wide range of damages and risks.  You should know that travel insurance does not cover pre-existing health conditions.

Is purchasing Iran travel insurance cover, legally compulsory for travelling to Iran?

Yes, it is. According to Islamic Republic of Iran incoming tour policies and regulations, purchasing travel insurance is required and compulsory for every foreign passenger who decides to travel to Iran.

From when would Iran travel insurance cover be effective?

Generally it depends on the insurance plan you purchase, but SURFING PERSIA believes that the time of arrival to Iran is the best choice, so your insurance policy starts since arriving in Iran.

Is there any age limits regarding Iran travel insurance cover?

No, there are no limitations regarding the passenger’s age. But the prices differ depending on the passenger’s age and the duration of staying in Iran.

How to purchase an Iran travel insurance cover?

You don’t need to do anything! We will apply for Iran travel insurance cover on behalf of you. We will fill the required forms according to the information you provide us, and then send the travel insurance cover to you. You should just pay the price. Be sure that SURFING PERSIA chooses the complete Iran travel insurance with fairest prices from best and the most reputed insurance companies of Iran. Note that the price set for your tour, includes the insurance cost too.

What do we need to apply for your Iran travel insurance?

We need the scanned picture of the first page of your passport and the exact duration of your staying in Iran.

Do the prices set for SURFING PERSIA tours include the cost of Iran insurance travel?

Yes, as mentioned earlier we do include travel insurance cost too.

What does the travel insurance plan suggested and provided by SURFING PERSIA cover?

Terms and specifications and the exact amounts are mentioned in detail in a special form but merely for your knowledge, we mention some parts of cover included:

  • Medical expenses & Hospitalization abroad, except aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments or illnesses existed prior to the inception date of the policy
  • Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card
  • Loss of registered luggage
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