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If you are one those who believe in travelling without a tour guide, please read the following lines, you will certainly be convinced that using a guide is one of the most essential requirements for having a perfect travel.

Why to use a tour guide?

There are many advantages in using an educated experienced tour guide. For instance:

  • A guide can not only help you with language, especially when you travel to a place like Iran, where people usually don’t speak English fluently, but also in understanding cultural practices and communicating with local people, hence getting to know them and their culture in a better way
  • Tour guides often consider special points about visiting sites. They know the standard and reasonable prices, know the rush hours, so can help you avoid the long lines and wasting your time
  • An experienced and educated guide can give you extended in depth knowledge about historical sites and tourist attractions beyond what is said in guide books or internet
  • A tour guide can help you visit and get to know with less known places not mentioned in guide books or not visited routinely by tourists
  • Since a guide usually is a local person and has a better understanding of local systems, when you have a guide, you will not need to worry about difficulties that usually occur in strange places.
  • In adventure tours, for example in mountain climbing, safaris, and rafting, using an experienced dedicated guide is a matter of life and death
  • In visiting natural scenes, your guide is typically educated in natural sciences, biology and geology besides he/she can offer required information about the history of the place
  • In spending a day with an experienced tour guide, everything including transportation, safety, meals, etc. is predicted, managed and prepared;
  • In adventure tours, in addition to all other factors, your tourist guide evaluates the health conditions of your tour members, and may not put the passengers at risky situations


Of course you as an experienced tourist already knew the mentioned points. It was just a reminder.  SURFING PERSIA provides, as a tour operator is one of reputed companies active in tourism industry, and provides its customers with skilled and experienced tour guides.

We have several local guides who are expert in different branches, and can offer required guidance and services to passengers in adventurous, rural, historical, desert, skiing, nomad, etc., tours.

Please contact us for more information regarding SURFING PERSIA tour guides. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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